P.50 Series

The P.50 series is a wide range of 50 mm pitch belts with various pulling forces that is designed for applications from medium to heavy transport.

The P.50 series consists of a complete range of easy to clean belts for high hygiene applications. A variety of surface structures and openings are available in this series that allows for max product grip. The P.50 series has sprocket systems with side guiding & fully bi-directional sprockets for reversing belts.


The P.50-100 belt has an open top for drainage and medium or heavy duty transport.


The P.50-300 has a tight open grid top for drainage, it lifts the product and minimizes contact.


An open belt with smooth surface for medium or heavy transportation.


The P.50-401 has a very open surface which allows max airflow for cooling and freezing areas.


The P.50-600 has a perforated flat top for light drainage.


The P.50-600F has a closed friction top surface for slightly inclined conveyors.


The P.50-606 has a perforated flat top surface.


The P.50-608 has a closed flat top and is used for general transportation.


The P.50-800 has a closed flat top surface for food applications.


The P.50-806 has a perforated flat top surface and is used for products that require drainage and small openings.


The P.50-830 has a closed nub top surface for food applications.