Industrial Hose

Contractors Air Hose

Air Hose

Featured Products Include: Super Service Air Hose, Contractors Air Hose, Steelflex Air & Jackhammer Hose

Also Available: Montana Hose, Hi-Temp Steelflex Air Hose, Oroflex Air Hose & Hot Blower Hose

Rubber Push On hose

Automotive Hose

Featured Products Include: Silicone Auto Heater Hose, Silicone Coolant Hose, EPDM Auto Heater Hose, Air Brake Hose and Rubber Push-On Hose

Also Available: Flarelock Hose and Act Hose

Chemical Hose

Chemical & Acid Hose

Featured Products Include: Chemical Hose and Flexchem Hose

Also Available: Hypalon Acid Suction and Discharge Hose, Viton Lined Suction and Discharge Hose, EPDM Acid Suction and Discharge Hose

PVC Blue


Featured Products Include: Super Vac-U-Flex, TDS / TDHS, 1PN (NC-1), 2PN (NC-2), TPR, U-9 Flex Flyte, and more!

Also Available: Theroduct, Vac-U-Lok, L1 Flex, U-1 Flex Flyte, TPE Vac-U-Flex, TPRW, Flex Flyte R, PVC Clear and more!

Brewers Discharge Hose

Food Handling

Featured Products Include: Bacco Hose, Brewers and Beverage Discharge Hose, Wirevac / Super Wirevac Hose and Foodflex & Clearflex PVC Suction and Discharge Hose

Also Available: Pure Gum Tubing, Polyethylene Tubing, Clear Vinyl Tubing & Brewer’s Suction Hose

Clear Reinforced PVC

General Purpose Hose

Featured Products Include: Premium General Purpose Hose (Non Conductive), EPDM General Purpose, Clear Reinforced PVC and Push On Hose

Also Available: Urethane General Purpose Hose, Arctic General Purpose Hose and Self Storing Air Hose

Marine Exhaust Soft Wall Hose

Marine Hose

Featured Products Include: Marine Exhaust Soft Wall Hose, Marine Exhaust Hard Wall Hose, Marine Fuel Fill Hard Wall Hose and PVC Marine Sanitary Hose

Sandblast Hose

Material Handling

Featured Products Include: Aztec Hose, Bulkmaster Softwall Hose, Sandblast Hose and Industrial Vacuum Hose

Also Available: Tan Bulkmaster Hose, Furnace Door Cooling Hose, Concrete Boom Hose, Concrete Placement & Bulkmaster Hardwall Hose

Neptune Suction Hose

Material Handling (Polyurethane and PVC)

Featured Products Include: B Flex / B Flex Static Hose, Neptune Suction / Neptune Static Suction Hose and PU Vac / PU Vac Lite Hose

Also Available: SP Abrasion / SP Static Abrasion Hose and Grey PVC Vacuum Hose

Tank Truck Hose

Petroleum Hose

Featured Products Include: Tank Truck Hose and Petroleum Discharge Hose

Also Available: Agricultural Farm Tank Hose, Arctic Tank Truck Hose, Tank Truck Drop Hose, SAE100R4 Hose, W187 Vapour Recovery Hose, Hot Tar & Asphalt & Tank Truck Drop 5000 Hose

Paint Spray Hose

Spray Hose

Featured Products Include: Paint Spray Hose, Eva Weed Spray Hose and Agricultural Spray Hose

Steam 250 Hose

Steam Hose

Featured Products Include: Steam 250 Hose, CB Steam 250 Hose and Textile Steam Hose

Green Packers Washdown Hose

Washdown Hose

Featured Products Include: Papermill Washdown Hose with Built-on Nozzle, Green Packers Washdown Hose, Hot Water Wash Up Hose, Super Hot Water Wash Up Hose and Spa Hose

Contractors Discharge Hose

Water Discharge Hose

Featured Products Include: Premium General Purpose Hose (Non Conductive), EPDM General Purpose Hose, Clear Reinforced PVC Hose & Push On Hose

Also Available: H.D Water Discharge Hose, Garden Hose, High Pressure Water Discharge Hose, Papermill Hose, Packers Washdown Hose & White Sanitary Hose

Saturn SD Hose

Water Suction Hose

Featured Products Include: Pumpflex Water Suction Hose, Rubber Water Suction and Discharge Hose, Saturn Water Suction and Discharge Hose and EPDM Water Suction Hose

Also Available: EPDM Aggie Water Suction and Discharge Hose