Hydraulic Accessories

Brass Ball Valve

Ball Valves

Features: Ball Valves are made with a Forged Brass Construction with Chrome Plated Brass Ball, Teflon Seat, Seals & Washers, Integrated Locking Handle and Blow Out Proof Stem.

Spiral Guards and Sleeves

Guards & Sleeves

Features: Spiral Guard is constructed of a specially compounded material that resists oils, lubricants, gasoline, and most solvents with a high resistance to ultraviolet weathering. Designed with an outside edge radius, this eliminates snagging and cut fingers when bundling groups of hose or cable.

Hose Support Clamps

Hose Support Clamps

Features: Hose Support Clamps are galvanized steel with a 1/32″ coating of black vinyl cushioning to prevent chafing; Bolt Hole Diameter ranges from 9/32″ – 17/32″. Often these clamps are used to support hydraulic hose.

Also Available: Special Order configurations such as stacking clamps, twin or group clamps, rail mounted systems, etc.

Pressure Gauges

Hose Support Clamps

Features: Pressure Gauges are available in Stainless Steel, Glycerin Filled, Thread Size of 1/4″ NPT with a Graduation in PSI and Bar.

Also Available: Back or Bottom Mount.