General Purpose Hose

Featured Products Include: Premium General Purpose Hose (Non Conductive), EPDM General Purpose, Clear Reinforced PVC and Push On Hose

Also Available: Urethane General Purpose Hose, Arctic General Purpose Hose and Self Storing Air Hose

Clear Reinforced PVC Hose

An economical hose for handling air, water, oil, mild chemicals. Clear wall allows visual inspection of product.

EPDM General Purpose Hose

Air, water, agricultural spray solutions, and other dilute chemicals with excellent resistance to heat and weathering.

Premium General Purpose Hose (Non Conductive)

A premium quality long length hose for petroleum based fluids, lubricating oils, air, hot water and some chemical solutions.

Push on Hose

Transmission of most petroleum-based hydraulic fluids, mineral oil, diesel fuel, engine coolant solutions, agricultural spray and a wide range of chemical solutions.