Featured Products Include: Super Vac-U-Flex, TDS / TDHS, 1PN (NC-1), 2PN (NC-2), TPR, U-9 Flex Flyte, L-9 Flex Flyte, Durathane LD / MD / HD, TPU Vac-U-Flex, Flexfast Couplings, PVC Blue and 1NP-EP / 1PN-EPW.

Also Available: Theroduct, Vac-U-Lok, L1 Flex, U-1 Flex Flyte, TPE Vac-U-Flex, TPRW, Flex Flyte R, PVC Clear, VF Flex Flyte, SLP-10, Flexvent, 2CN, 2NN, 1PN-EP and 1PN-RP


Ideal for applications where maximum flexibility and retractibility are required.

1PN (NC-1)

One ply construction for general purpose applications.

2PN (NC-2)

Two ply construction for general purpose applications.

Durathane LD / MD / HD

A wire reinforced polyurethane duct with abrasion resistance, low temperature and chemical resistance.

Flexfast Couplings

For use on piping systems including hot and cold water, oil, gas, petroleum, sewage sludge, slurries, brine tanks, and dry vacuum lines.

L-9 Flex Flyte

Silicone rubber coated fiberglass liner for smoother flow and higher pressure .

PVC Blue

Suitable for fume removal, light dust collection and general ducting.

Super Vac-U-Flex

High tensile fiber reinforced PVC cover bonded to a coated spring steel wire helix.


Vinyl-coated fabric with orange vinyl scuff-strip, spring steel wire helix and smooth bore. Meets UL 940-V flammability rating.


Excellent low and high temperature properties makes this a truly versatile indoor/outdoor ducting. For general dust and fume extraction, sawdust and other mildly abrasive powders.

TPU Vac-U-Flex

Features high abrasion and puncture resistance and excellent chemical and oil resistance.

U-9 Flex Flyte

Lightweight and maximum flexibility coupled with high temperature resistance.