Automotive Hose

Featured Products Include: Silicone Auto Heater Hose, Silicone Coolant Hose, EPDM Auto Heater Hose, Air Brake Hose & Rubber Push-On Hose.

Also Available: Flarelock Hose and Act Hose

Air Brake Hose

For conveying air in truck and trailer brake systems.

EPDM Auto Heater Hose

For use in general industrial and automotive service.

Rubber Push-On Hose

Oil resistant hose for use with push-on fittings. This hose is non-conductive.

Silicone Auto Heater Hose

A high temperature heater hose used in hostile engine environments, or other industrial applications where temperature is a factor.

Silicone Coolant Hose

For thawing, washdown at papermills & food plants. This hose in non-conductive. For use with saturated steam up to 100 PSI 170°C (338°F)